Set a Condition for Transaction Items coming from Que

Hi team,

I want to set a condition where I carry out activities depending on the value I get from Queue via transaction Item.
The condition is, I will do the next activity when the item from queue equals to certain value.
For example,
When the “customerName” is “XYZ” → Activities follow
I know the following expression is not correct, but I was trying to write one. Can anyone correct, please?

in_qi_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“CustomerName”).ToString.equals (“XYZ”).ToString

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Sisay_Dinku

You can use thw switch case activity like this

each case will move to the content you want


Hi @fernando_zuluaga Thanks a lot! I have a follow up question. Only customer “XYZ” has one more step (activity) otherwise the remaining steps are the same. Do I write that additional activity (step) on the Case XYZ and the next steps which are the same for all customers outside of the switch activity?

Yes, within each case perform the activities necesary for each case, rest of activities will go outside the switch activity


@fernando_zuluaga Thanks a lot!

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