Session- ui path

How to check session availability. I am working in legacy system . If current session is not expired then only I can do any activity- how to check sessions availability in uipath .

How would you normally check session availability either as a user or as a piece of software? Ultimately UiPath can only use the information that is available to it.

Thanks Richard .Do you have any simple examples that would help me.

In order to help more I need answers to the questions above…

I am checking session based on logged in user.

Are you logging in to the application/legacy system to do this or are you checking using a system command?

I am logging in to the system and actively processing the records. At a specific time system is completely shutting down this leads to error.

You could condition (or schedule) the robot to not work during that time. If I’m understanding correctly it’s some sort of a maintenance window?

Yes that’s is maintenance window it varies environment to environment . We are having multiple environments. Now what I am looking is like below:

//session expire redirect to login page

Can we implement like this (ofcourse syntax might vary) in UIPath

Vinay - Can you please share your thoughts on this.