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This is a general question to get some ideas on where i could look for more info.
We have robots running on virtual machines. When we develope we use our own pc’s.
We have noticed that selectors sometimes fail when moving a robot from pc to virtual machine when running in the background. When connected to a vm through remote desktop the process runs fine.

So does anyone know what the difference could be when looking at the screen through remote desktop and running in the background.

When you say “running in the background” i believe you mean that you are closing the vm or minimizing the remote desktop. Is that so?

If VM is minimized, i believe selectors fails to identify the elements for all the activities that doesn’t have simulate checked. You can try simulating all your activities. Make sure you test it because there may be cases when an activity works without simulate but fails when it simulated.

I believe another way would be to use “Launch Workflow Interactive” activity to invoke your workflows instead of ‘Invoke workflow file’. I believe this basically works even when the vm is minimized or closed.

There are just my assumptions, Nothing wrong in giving it a try. Let me know if it works for you.:slight_smile:

Rammohan B.

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Thanks, i tested on a part of the solution and it worked using interactive.

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