ServiceNow with UiPath

need Help, Requirement to automate if any change in ServiceNow Tickets any addition or change in State of ServiceNow tickets then Mail should be triggered in Outlook inbox.
How it should be done


I haven’t used it, but there is an integration available in integration service:
Integration Service - About the ServiceNow connector (
Integration Service - ServiceNow events (

I’ve used it, its buggy and has a steep learning curve but it works.

Hi @Shubham_Arora1 ,

  • Read ServiceNow Tickets:
  • Use the HTTP Request activity to get the current state of ServiceNow tickets.
  • Store the result in a DataTable or List.
  • Compare Ticket States:
  • Use a mechanism to compare the current state of tickets with the previously recorded state.
  • Store the previously recorded state in a local file (e.g., CSV) or database.
  • Trigger Email for Changes:
  • If any changes are detected, use the Send Outlook Mail Message activity to trigger an email.


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