ServiceNow - Same query is giving result in Test Query but not while executing

When I test my query in Search Records, it is showing the results
But when I execute the same query, result for date column is blank other columns are populating.
Do I need to change anything to get date values? please help

Hi Sahiti

My issue is a bit different to this but, when I test my query in the window it displays all the records irrespective of the filter condition. Basically, Im trying to fetch a user record from sys_user table but, it fetches everything.
I believe the SQL query should be passed as a string, which I’m passing as string but I dont understand why it is not working.
Any inputs?

my bad!
I should be using encoded query string in the table filter.
Its working now.

Regarding your issue, I tried to recreate the same but, Im able to fetch all info including date time fields into datatable. Can you see if the query field in the properties pane is updated or not. I’ve observed that is not getting updated if we change anything in the test query string. if not try editing manually.


Sandeep Golla.