Service on Orchestrator host cannot be deleted, displays "deleting" forever

After login Orchestrator host - Services page, the service in host cannot be open, or deleted. I had a try to delete it, it shows “deleting” forever, and “Add new Service” button is grey out, seems like something stuck.

Please advice and who should I contact to help reset Host and remove existing Service in Host?

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Just press the refresh button ,

I did it for sure before I sent this topic, no changes, no any response at all, it seems like service or server is stuck.

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Ok the better call for uipath support…
I’ll tag the for the reference for some uipath staff

@loginerror @badita FYA

Thanks @Maneesha_de_silva
Do you know the phone number for uipath support team, looked around but cannot find it.

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No phone number, you have to make a ticket to
Uipath technical support

Hi @vincent2017

Please contact our Automation Cloud Support directly at this link:

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Thanks! @loginerror, I’ve already sent one ticket there.

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