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In the main workflow I have invoked 5 workflow. Now based upon the output of these I have to update the service now and change the state to close/wip
Now If all 5 are true I will close
Else I have to change the state to WIP

How to achieve this?

@pallavi1120 Hi after, after 5 sub workflows with use of simple if condition, we can check the those values are true or false right. Did i understood your problem correctly?

@Manjuts90 Manjuts90
Even if I add if conditions at the end of each workflow It won’t help
But based on output of each workflow I have to change the state
If all are true then close the request
If any one is false update the request and change state to wip

@pallavi1120 If you want to check all return variable values at once, you can do it after invoke of last sub workflow. With one if condition you can check it right?

if( variable1 and variable2 and variable3 and variable4 and variable5)
close the request
update the request and change state to wip

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