Service Now-Filter tab appears different on VDI

Hi All,

I am doing a POC and on the local system Service Now application is working as expected

But when I move the code to VDI/VM, the filter tab of Service Now appears totally different and hence the code breaks

I am using same kind of IE version. Service Now enables List v3 view and its written in sites that it doesnt support compatibility mode,security level high etc… These things I have taken into consideration

ServiceNow has the ApiExplorer which is a better and more stable way of integrating UiPath.

Is the resolution of the VDI causing the issue?

Ok, VDI has a lower resolution than on the local system.
But as I cannot change the resolution on VDI due to access rights,I have created a request for the same. Need to wait till then

Meanwhile I have made my local system resolution even smaller but issue is not occuring

Resolution is a common issue when using VDIs

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