Service Now Connector - OAuth Issue

Hi ,


When i try to connect using servicenow connector activity in uipath by enabling OAuth, It throws access denied error.

I am able to retrieve access token (oauth_token request) using postman but i’m unable to do the same using http request

Any suggestions?


Hello Ashwini,
here is my configuration movie please follow all the steps:

About the error, this could be because YOUR INCIDENT table is empty when you click the button for test connection this is sent Oauth CMD and also do a GET on this link:

try also this in your postman as see if is empty.

Cristian Negulescu

Hi Cristian,

I have created the application in application registry as per the video.

I can get the data from incident table by sending a http request, to do this currently i’m getting the access_token using postman and appending it in the Http header : Authorization : "Bearer "+accesstoken.

I’m facing issue as “access_denied” while i’m trying to get access_token from uipath using http activty.

OAuth token URL :

http header : Content-Type : application/json
body : {“grant_type”:“password”,“username”:“myadminusername”,“password”:“myadminpassword”,“client_id”:“myclientid”,“client_secret”:“myclientsecret”}

Hello Ashwini,
Do you use PROXY for your connection? if yes please watch this movie:

Cristian Negulescu