Service mode free version

free version

can I put the robot into service mode?

if yes how? I’m not finding anything to help me with this

When you installed it, did it give you the option of service or user mode?

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no … forwarded to this screen


I don’t mean after you installed and then opened Studio. I mean during the installation. There’s a screen where it should ask you if you want to install Studio, Robot, etc. and whether you want service or user mode.

Here it is:

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When you are installing the application you will be shown with three options
Choose customisable one
There we can select automation developer and click on ADVANCED SETTINGS

There we can choose the mode of installation we want

Hope this would help you


@Palaniyappan do we need to select Install choice with service mode? Does it mean that we need to install at the least UiPath Assitant in service mode on a server?
Thanks for the support,