Serverless: Datatable1 type issue if robot runs as unattended mode

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I implement a simple project in cross platform to know more about Serverless Cloud robot technology. In the project, I use „Extract Table Data” activity, which has Datatable1 output type (in the below picture). The robot runs without any issue if it runs from studio. However, I’m having the issue below if I’m are trying to run the robot from orchestrator in unattended mode. (Please find the picture below)

Extract Table Data activity:


Orchestrator log:

Any idea what could be the problem?

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Can you share the screenshot of the workflow from Extract Table data activity?

Because, as per your screenshot It is already declaring the Output Data to Datatable1

Can you check in the workflow that it is having Datatable1 in the variables?

Try using Datatable1 and check



I just checked and the datatype is Datatable itself…Can you please reconfirm the same

Looks like a glitch just recreate and try


I implemented in Cross Platform.


I did check on the same

Can you please recreate and check or change the system package versions please from manage packages


Hi @Anil_G ,

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I just noticed that the output argument is DataTable until do extract a table from website.

Before I extract table:

After I extract table from here:

I feel like it would be a bug :confused:


I tried with same and no issue…May be can you try with the same package versions please


Seems we have a same packages with same version

Yes, it is DataTable type until you create a variable and give to it.


Can see the issue now…I tried with multiple versions but the same issue persists.