Server for Orchestrator - Best solution

We are new to the world of orchestrator and we have just purchased a license.
Before this we had 5 robots. 4 of those were in Azure VMs and one is in a local windows server machine.
What would be the best way to install Orchestrator. Should it be done in an azure server VM or an on-premise server machine? @loginerror


I guess Azure server is better. Because its in cloud and we can access it from any where without any issues.

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Will there be any issues for me to configure and deploy to my 5th bot which is on an on-premise machine in orchestrator.

Apart from the accessibility, is there any other advantage? Accessing, you mean like from orchestrator mobile?


Its fine. No issues with that.

We also installed Orchestrator into Azure server only and some BOTS are in On - premise machine and now we are planing to create some BOTS in cloud.

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Hi @rahulraj987

I think it is also possible to adapt your Orchestrator license to include all robot licenses you have.

You can contact our Licensing support for that here:

You mean to say managing the license from within orchestrator? Right now we have standalone licenses.

Indeed, if you wish, you can contact our licensing support and have the licenses merged within your Orchestrator to be able to manage them from within your Orchestrator.

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Also , regarding my question - You also suggest to have the Orchestrator hosted in a cloud VM?

This is really dependent on your particular use case / resources. I suppose it is a bit easier to set it up on a Cloud Environment due to no worry about the actual necessary hardware.

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I think this will come to cost. We already have machines available. Whereas going for cloud VMs are going to cost us

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This is indeed another factor to consider. You will need to consider all the aspects to decide which option to choose.


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