Server Disconnects Often

I have a robot set up on a server. The robot will connect to orchestrator, however, it keeps disconnecting often. All I have to do it click on the UiPath Assistant and it will reconnect. Do you know any solutions to this problem?

Hello @zackattack0517

Plz check the below documentation.

I do not see any running services for UiPath. What is the name of the service?

Hi @zackattack0517,

Have you had a chance to read the errors you get in the event logs when the connection is disconnected?


I have not where do I go to look at these logs?

When you installed it, did you install it in Service Mode?

I am not sure. Is there a way to check that? If I did not install it in service mode would that fix this problem?

Can’t guarantee the problem isn’t something else, but it’s worth checking. Just re-run the installer.

I re-ran the installer and never saw an option for Service Mode.

Are you installing Robot, or Studio? You need to install Robot.

It don’t show you that service mode.

You can choose between either attended or Unattended mode. Refer the below link

Check this !!

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