Series of Click not working

Hello Friend,

I’m struggling with a series of click:
uncheck :

check : G***F

slight_smile: image|529x254

and uncheck :


uncheck the first row:

and check:


What problem are you having?

Anyway, you should use Check not Click to check checkboxes.

Is that checkbox list in a drop-down?

If so, you may use click only but make sure to add a small delay

Just go to properties of the click and add a delay before and delat after, may be of 500 each?

that should work

Regarding Select Checkbox activity, but sure it’ll work but you may try it once after clicking on the button to make the list visible


thank yoiu for your replies. i had found a solution using send hotkey.

what about the following selector, what will be the right comination of attribute: