Serach data in excel

Hi team
I have one excel

and i have one string variable i.e strJobProfileName

that variable fetaching value=Project/Program Management_P6
means strJobProfileName=Project/Program Management_P6
now i want to serach that Project/Program Management_P6 this value is present in column Job Profile Name if that value is present i want to search job profile no that AMRFPS82P02 can anybody help how can i do that please?


Use a filter datatable and use both the colitions on two columns …then check the output datatable count using dt.count and check if that is >0 …if yes then you have a row present else no rows matching are present

Hope this helps


Hi @Sandhya_Gajare ,
Just use for each row and if, then save the value to list of string

list_str(list of string) = New List(Of String)



Not getting you…

Hello @Sandhya_Gajare
Try this

  1. Read the Excel sheet and stored it as a DT_Input
  2. Use the Fiter data table and pass the values to filter the values. and get Output as DT_output as a different variable.

2.1 The filter condition for 2 values should be in AND and pass the column name or position as the index starts with “0”
3. Use If condition DT_Output.rows.count>0. If any data matches, then the sequence will continue, if the empty value else the sequence continues. based on your requirements you can build the process.