Sequences and with For-each organization

Good day guys.
There are some difficulties with the project organization.
In fact, I have:

for each1;{
for each2;

for each3{
for each4;
I need every time I get a result (range) in “for each4”, use (paste range) it in “for each2”.
How should it be organized? Any suggestions except extracted workflow, please.
Maybe with parallel?
Thank you

Hi @Slavich,
You need to remind that as same as in programming the sequence is working from the top to the bottom. I think you should experiment with flowchart then. So you an connect/return from one sequence to another by connecting them properly.

Just an example of crazy connection:

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Well, revealing some details:
I have a table, where for each row I need to:
-Open website - make data scraping - put it into csv file - then for each row in csv file - open its link -get data - put it into first table.
At live it looks like a longest sequence and seems to be almost unreadable.
Maybe there is a way to arrange these multiple loops (or for each) one inside another, in more visual way?