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Am trying luck, as im doing a sequence number assign to email subject, base on my robot, it does read and assign 001 to each email subject, but not in sequence, meaning if i sent the whole email list at first time, it will tag all email subject number sequence as 001, only if if i send out the second time it will attached 002 to the new email list.

if the data has 5 email in a row, it shall assign 1-5 sequence number used in every each of the email.

hopefully someone could help.


RunningNumber.xlsx (8.1 KB)

If (1).xaml (17.9 KB)


Little bit confused…

I downloaded the provided files still not able to understand the requirement…

Do you wants to add the number to particular mail?

In our excel we have 001 right… So, First mail we need to add 001 and need to send the mail to respected mailid

Second mail we need to add 002 and need ti send the mail to second mail id?

Is this our requirement?

Correct me if I’m wrong…



You are right, i need to let the robot know that the sequence number assign to the subject as example [2707-vendor name-001] to 005 provided if there is any mail list.

But now this robot is assigned 001 to all 5 email sent. it only write 1 time back to the runningnumber file “B” row.


Thanks for the clear explanation…

We have to assign the counter in order to fetch the next data

After reading the excel take one assign activity and create one integer variable like this’

Assign intCounter = 1

Take one for each row and perform the actions after you sent the mail just increment the counter inside the for each row

Assign intCounter = intCounter+1

What exactly this will do is…

This will fetch the first record and then sent the mail to respective mail id
and the counter incremented to 1
in the next iteration this will fetch the second record and send the mail to the respective mail id…

This will keep on fetching the data until there is no data available in the excel

Try this and let me know



Yes it does if i assign as sequencenumber=sequencenumber+1


and it only write back to excel once after i did,


while in the email subject it does took 1 to 5, if i resend again it will start from 2-6 again,

as the runningnumber excel only write once back as used.


Glad… Did you get the expected result?



The result would get 1-5 in 5 email subject in correct number sequence,

but robot only write back 1 time back to 001 column,

after i try to run again the robot, it will start from 002-006 for the next 5 email sent.

Is there a way to let the robot know how to write the times of email send being used?


Are we trying to write back to the excel?

If yes, Instead of using the Write range we can use write cell activity to write back to the excel

We have already the counter variable, just we need to mention the range in the write cell like this

Range: "E2:E"+(SequenceNumber+1).ToString

This will write the data from E2 cell


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it worked!!! @THIRU_NANI thanks for your being supportive!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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