Seperate text from excel


I want to separate a text (Rs) from the below screenshot.
wherever the second time RS we get i need to separate in to one more coulomn


If you see in the first row we have 2 Rs(Rs 150 Rs 142.56) here the second Rs should be in second coloumn in the same way fourth row we have (MRP:Rs 35) so this should be only in first column

Hi @Karthik_Kulkarni

Try the below process
1.create a Data table with columns MRP and RS
2.Read the MRP Column from the Input Excel sheet and store it in a Data table Dt1
3.use For Each row and use substring and read First two characters and store it in a variable
4.use if condition and maintain condition as var1=“Rs” Then place a Add Data Row with storing Rs value in Else place same Add Data Row with storing MRP value.

A Manohar

Hi ,

Finally will this be output


if so can u explain clearly sorry am new to ui path.

can you send me the excel?

sample.xlsx (9.2 KB)

@priyankavivek please find the attachemnt

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This would help you


HI @Karthik_Kulkarni

PFA Xaml FileMain.xaml (12.5 KB)

A Manohar

Hi @Manohar1,

Am getting below error, could you help me



Try to check your variables

upload your xaml file i will make corrections

Main (1).xaml (12.4 KB)


I am unable to download it, can you send screenshot of assign activity where you are getting error

HI @Manohar1

Plesase find excel and xaml fileMain (1).xaml (12.4 KB) sample.xlsx (9.2 KB)


try to send screenshots



input fileMRP.xlsx (7.3 KB)

output fileMRP2.xlsx (7.2 KB)

Main.xaml (12.5 KB)

for me its working fine ,Try to use these Files keep the variables Datatype same don’t change anything

A Manohar

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Main.xaml (11.7 KB)
find here the solution


Your solution works fine for me,
but a small question actually i dont want two excels, i want the data to be done in only input excel will it be possible.


In write range activity maintain the same path of input Excel file ,range and sheet name and give the Data Table name

A Manohar

just append range in it

thank you so much i got as expected @Manohar1 @priyankavivek

one small and last question if my column was in 4th place in excel, where do i need to change in assign activity right??