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Hello i am using Get text funciton to retreive a postal code. But i need to split the output. I want number saved into one variable and OSLO saved into another variable splitup%20text

Hi Langsem

Have you got examples of the post code? Is it always a standard format? It should be a straightforward thing to achieve

You can use substring function to achieve this.

String1 = “0107OSLO”

String2 = String1.Substring(0,4)+"- "+String1.Substring(4,4)

ITS same format, but its not same value at all time

but then i assign a static value?
I need to split the variable into two different variables thats dynamic

if it’s the same format then use substring as @Srinivasa.Reddy mentioned

String 2 = String1.Substring(0,4)
String 3 = String1.Substring(4,4)

You may need to use a replace(" ",string.empty) if there is a space in the middle too

Would that only work on static value or dynamic aswell?

If there’s always a space between the code and city you can just use string split:
postCode = inputTxt.Split(" “c).First
city = inputTxt.Split(” "c).Last


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if there is space between the code and city you can split the value by whitespace and store the output in string array.

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