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I have a value like E34562314/2 and I want to separate the value like 1st part E34562314 and second part is 2. But the problem is that 1st part length is not fixed and sometimes it may contain space after the number before the /. Sometimes there is only first part /and second part is absent. How to deal with such a scenario?

Hi @Omkar_Shete1

Try this

Hi @Omkar_Shete1 ,

Check the below Expression :

Split("E34562314/2","/")(0)                         //First Part

Split("E34562314/2","/")(1)                        //Second Part

Maybe to handle this part, we can first check if there are 2 parts available, then only extract the Second Part. We can do so using the below expression in an Assign Activity.

SecondPartVar = if(Split("E34562314/2","/").Count>1,Split("E34562314/2","/")(1),Nothing)

Here Nothing is assigned to the SecondPartVar variable if there is only FirstPart available. Moving further, we can check if this variable is Nothing, and then do the operations accordingly.

Thanks for the solution. But how to check whether / is present ? If / is present then only i want to split else not.

@Omkar_Shete1 , Updated the post above.

Thanks. I will try it…

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Hi @Omkar_Shete1
If you don’t know what character comes then use regex.
Use Assign Activity.
On left side put Array variable
On Right side put β†’ System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(var_InitText,β€œ\W”).ToList

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