Separate Datatable based on empty data and Rename Column Name

Hi All,

Currently i’m developing RPA with extraction data from excel/pdf with following data :

From above data, i need to do some massaging data to :

  • Rename Column Name with new name based on their increment column name.
    ex : column 10,5,20,10,5 will be rename become 10,15,35,45,50 (10+5=15, 15+20=35 and so on)
  • Separate on new datatable based on column 10-50 that has data (remove column with blank data

Expected output :

I don’t know hot to do this, can we achieve this using VBA macro/UiPath Studio?


Hello @aliaga

  1. Read Excel Data:
  • Use “Excel Read Range” to read data into a DataTable.
  1. Initialize Variables:
  • Increment (Int32) for incrementing column values.
  • NewColumnNames (List(Of String)) to store new column names.
  1. Data Transformation:
  • Loop through each row:
    • Update column names based on Increment.
    • Add new column names to NewColumnNames.
    • Increment Increment by 5.
  1. Remove Blank Columns:
  • Use “Remove Data Column” to remove blank columns based on NewColumnNames.
  1. Create New DataTables:
  • Loop through NewColumnNames:
    • Create new DataTable.
    • Loop through original rows, add to new DataTable based on column value.
  1. Write Output:
  • Use “Excel Write Range” to save new DataTables to files.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @Kartheek_Battu ,

Thankyou for your reply, i really appreciate.

First of all, i’m little bit confuse about step no 2-4, could you please elaborate or have an sample of xaml?


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Can you try the following sample? (9.5 KB)


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