Separate data table

I want to seperate data table from left side to right side.

Please file the attached excel as below.
Data.xlsx (12.0 KB)

I want seperate data table from sheet 1 to sheet2.

Please guide me about it.

Is your tables are static ?
Means all tables will be there in sheet 2
or you want to create it based on data in sheet1?

@ImPratham45 Not static row. but static column.

I want create it based on data in sheet1.
( sheet 1 = input , I want output is same sheet2)

so the countries can be more or less?

sometimes 1 country or many countries.

And sometimes more than 1 table country and table description as below.


TestTables.xaml (46.2 KB) Tables.xlsx (9.5 KB)

If I have 2 table country and 2 table description as below.
How to do?

then need to apply different logic

Thank you. :grinning:

I have my work ,
will try it after some tym
but u can apply ur logic now just by using my workflow as u just need to use read range wisely
if u succeed the u can use my workflow in that for each
Just a hint hope u will get

thank you for your suggestion.
I’ m newbie to UIPath , I will try.

Yes sure
Happy Automation!