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Hi, I am sending mails using SMTP mail message (for Mozilla thunderbird). I am using mail ids saved in an Excel file and getting them with a for each row activity and using it in the To section. Mail is being sent properly but it is not getting saved in the saved folder.
What should I do to save the sent mails in the sent item folder?


May I know which Mail server are you using ?

Mozilla Thunderbird.


Are you able to find the mails in Sent Items folder or not ?

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No, I am not being able to see the items which I sent using RPA in the sent folder but if I am sending any mail manually it is being saved in the sent folder.

*not getting saved in the SENT FOLDER


Have you find any solution to save mail in sent items? Saw two different topic on this issue but no solution.

no, haven’t found any solution yet.

Hi, I have the same requirement. I would like to see the emails sent through RPA bots in Sent Items folder. I am using SMTP Mail Message, emails are sent fine but not saved in Sent Item folder. Thanks!