Sent hotkey, alter if disabled

Something strange, in the output the error states that I should set “alter if disabled” when trying to send a hotkey. This is not even an option… Great solution!!

Hi @Dion

The error message generally available for UiAutomation activities, but with Send Hotkey it’s an exception for some options such as Simluate Type, and Alter If Disabled.
The error message may be a generic message appended by default, and if you prefer, may I suggest you submit it as feedback/suggestion through the right channel?

Meanwhile, to address your problem, may I ask what is the element to which you’re trying to send hotkey?
Is this a browser window (the entire window container) that the bot activates by using ‘Activate’ option or is it a certain UiElement?
Depending on the type of element you’re trying to interact, try a combination of Activate with ‘Send Window Messages’ enabled and disabled.

I want to send a hotkey in an outlook window. I have found a workaround that works as well. I was just frustrated that Send hotkey worked untill yesterday and I got such a general message.

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@Dion… Try to minimize the usage of Send Hot Key… Can you specify the Send Hotkey functionality… we can try to overcome to its usage with any alternatives.

I allready found a solution.

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