Sending username and password as parameters

What is the ideal solution of sending in a username/password through a parameter? I am thinking of building an automation where users would start an unattended job through orchestrator, however, they would need to input their login credentials. I can’t put it into a credential because the credential would keep changing every time a new user needs to run the automation.

You can either store the credentials in Orchestrator, or use the attached workflow from the REFramework.

GetAppCredentials.xaml (11,1 Ko)

The workflow will try to get the credentials from Orchestrator, but if it fails, it will ask the user to enter the credentials one time and will store those credentials in the Windows Credential Vault, so they won’t need to specify them again. The Username and Password will be output to variables. Username is a string, and Password is a secure string.

being an unattended process how could the user type this?

Best practices suggest that it’s best to create a new set of credentials specifically for the bot, since often the user requesting the process automation does not have a way to provide Orchestrator with the username and password (especially if the process is unattended).

My recommendation then is to set up a new account for the bot if possible.

If your users have permission to manually start jobs, then you can have IN arguments that they will type every time they want to start it…