Sending Text Message for Free

Is there any Option to Send SMS Message from Uipath for free? At least to the USA Numbers? If Yes, What would the reliable component for the Business .


Have you look below thread.

Hi @Radha_Ganesan
Try twilio integration with uipath

Nived N

Yes, Upwire and Twilio, but it seems to be paid after the Trial Version. Looking for Free Activities at least to the USA Numbers.

Hi @Radha_Ganesan

I think every sevirces regarding calling and sms sending are not free as such, they provide a trial and after the usage of trial, u had to pay for using it again.

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I don’t think so we have any service which is life long free.

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Okay, Thank you!

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Is there any reason Twilio package is not available from our Manage Packages? I have kept Filter as None. Not only Twilio, no other related packages are unavailable .


Search for this package - UiPath.Twilio.Activities

Is Connect package source checked ? Can you please share screenshot of it.

See this

I am getting an Error in that as well. Added the screenshot below.

Search for this activity in Official tab and it’s available
And to add official tab go to settings and enable official checkbox
Before doing that pls restart the UiPath application and give a try

Cheers @Radha_Ganesan

HI, Thank You so much.

Official was available but getting the same Connection Error under the Tab as well.

May be reinstall studio and give a try



connection errors to the feed usually point that something is blocking the request. Are you using VPN, firewall, maybe your company has a policy defined which blocks certain connections?



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Let me try to track it down. Thank you.

Using EXCEL.xlsm, why don’t you use macro to appoint an A line if a file opens?
Private Sub Workbook_Open()

Dim WB As Workbook
Set WB = ActiveWorkbook

Dim WS As Worksheet
For Each WS In WB.Worksheets
WS.Cells(1, 1). Select

WB.Worksheets(1). Activate
End Sub

Yes I am using VPN, but some of my colleagues are able to access the packages. When I go to Manage packages>Connect and Official, I am getting an error in the top that the package source has encountered an Error: Unable to load service index for source:

Hello Radha,

as I’ve said before - it would be good to check also if there’s a firewall block. Network specialist in your company should check out if there’s no problem in establishing connection. If you’re using proxy, there’s also a possibility that it’s related to proxy address blockage.

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Thank you. I will check on that