Sending Response Data from RPA

I have query, assuming a scenario where RPA should send the response data after the process completed to an external application (handling without orchestrator).

Suggest me a solution where i can send the response data from RPA after process completion.


what kind of respose are you planning, is it some data or just pass or fail like that…?

I need two types of response

  1. Some kind of Data
  2. Process Completed Response

But one type at a time

  1. Some kind of Data

you can store it in notepad or document or excel which can be read by the other application

  1. Process Completed Response



is there any solution for response data thru http or any url ??


Are you able find a solution for this.

I am also looking for similar solution, when a transaction is completed i need to send the response back to another system via http or url.