Sending outlook mail with a specific format of body


I want to send mail to multiple emails which is in excel file and in body i want to write a specific format of message which is in notepad document. Now each row of excel has different information first i want to send such info in notepad to change some data in excel and then i want to send mail. I want to do for every row which have different information.
Can anyone help me in this?

Hi @Mudita123,

I have attached a sample containing simple html template containing text within ‘<<>>’ whic i will read in UiPath and replace and then insert in mail and send email.

See if it fits you question, or revert back if you need clarification. (17.3 KB)

Actually i has notepad file and there are 4 places where i want to do changes. when i try with two places in assign activity with replace method only then it works but i tried with 4 it doesn’t work.


There may be 2 case in which this can happen,

  1. Your text is not found in read string to replace.
  2. Your first replace string changes the string that needs to be replaced next.

try replacing one by one and put write line and observe the changes. This will help you solve and know why string is not getting replaced.

its done
Thanks for reply and help.

i want to get confirmation message in excel that email is sent.
How to do that?

Get all emails in sent items and check if your email is there.

I just want to ask one more thing that in notepad file i have bullets in few lines.
When i send the notepad file content as body message in mail that time in mail it is not showing the bullets.

Try using html instead of notepad, in notepad bullets are not supported.

Yeah its done.

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