Sending ONE email to the same email if the TAF No. from Row 1 is the same as Row 2

I would like to compare the TAF No. for each row and if the TAF No. is the same, it will send only ONE email with the particulars of the 2 applicants to the Person in Charge.

I am using the FOR EACH ROW, GET ROW ITEM activity currently and it sends 2 emails with 2 separate candidates’ particulars to the SAME Person in Charge.

Anyone knows how to change the workflow so it only sends ONE email to the SAME Person in Charge with the 2 candidates details if they have the same TAF No.?


Could you please explain a bit more?

Comparing with same column or different column?

I can see only 4 Columns here…

Where is the email column?

What do you mean by Same person in charge?


Hi, im comparing with the same column but different rows.

The email column is in another sheet, I have used a Join Data Tables activity to join them.

The same person in charge is just referring to sending the email to one person if the TAF No. in Row 1 matches the TAF No. in Row 2.


Try like this:

Read the excel → Output as->Dt_Out

Take one assign activity

Assign value like this:

Assign New_Dt = Dt_Out.DefaultView.ToTable(TRUE,"TAF No.")

Take one For each row

Now Do the next step


The above expression will give you the only one TAF

For Example: You have 2 TAF1’s Right.

This expression will give you only 1 TAF1 Row




Do you have 2 TAF No. Columns in your Dt?

If possible show us the 2 input files. It could be helpful for us to get clarified


Hi, currently my original output is

As you can see, there are two emails and one email has only 1 candidates’ particulars even if they are applying for the same job listing (e.g. TAF1)

But I want my output to be a SINGLE email with the 2 candidates’ particulars.

Try this

DT.asenumerable.Groupby(Function(r) r(“TAF No”).Tostring).Select(Function(g) g.copytodatatable).Toarray

output : array of Datatables

Now Use For Each (Fetch each Group Datatable)

inside for each Use Create HTML Format Activty to Send the Datatable in the body of Mail.

Hi, may I know where should I insert these activities? or how should i change my workflow to acheive my desired output?

This is my current workflow:
Email Selected Candidates (8.0 KB)

Other necessary files: (131.5 KB)