Sending Message for 14 Times

i am trying to do Weather report and send it as a message but i want to send the Message and the weather Report for 14 Times .
Use Case is sending Message as Weather Report for the next oming 14 Days.
How can i do this for 14 Time ?
Please help

Hello @Aramia Welcome to Uipath Community,
It means one needs to send a report 1 day once. Right?

Then build a bot to send data to a specific person, then trigger the process one day once from the orchestrator.

Refer to this thread, it may help you

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Hello @Aramia ,

You need to know about how to design this use case of sending the sms or want to know how to schedule the process for each 14 days?


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No , just how to schedule it , also how can i make it for 14 Times .

I dont think i need to use Orchestrator. That is wha i am asking for.
it just Weather report and send message with report to customer and and i have to do it for the next 2 weeks from now . for each day one report yes

@Aramia Did you finish the coding?
If you need full automation, you have to use an orchestrator by publishing your code in it, otherwise, loop the process with a delay of 24 hrs

Note: For this condition, the uipath should wake up 24 * 14. No other process runs in uipath.
Otherwise use Orchestrator, it will trigger the bot as per time, rest of the time it will be no need to open the uipath.

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If you do not want to use orchestrator for scheduling, in that case you can use windows task Schedular.

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Hello @Aramia
As you need to trigger the automation for 14 days to sent the email, if you are not using the orchestrator, then you can use the windows scheduler.

Here what you can do is whenever the process is executing for the very first time you can update the current date and the final date(14 days after) and a counter variable to a file.

Then in each iteration you can compare those values and if current date doesnt reach the 14 +1 day you need to start the automation.


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