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I need to send amazon gift card links to winners of the competition through my gmail account.Each winner/coupon have unique link.How to create a workflow.

Hi mate,

You can save links with names of receivers in excel file.
And can send them easily by read excel file and mention links in Body text.


What is your input? Is it saved in saved in Excel? give more inputs


the links also different for different mail.

The inputs are

  1. email id’s of winners
  2. Gift coupon links


Where the links are stored?


both email ids and gift card links saved in different excel files


Can you share a sample file where the files are and what’s the identifier to identify that for this email this gift card

You can make a test data and attach


Yes, mate you can save different links for different user, just read excel file then and you can send easily.

i have not prepared the workflow. need help in activities to be used.


Check below how you can read and get the data from Excel
Convert Date & Time Format Tutorial

After this you can use SMTP to send the mails

Hope this helps you


Mate see this -
Main.xaml (11.8 KB)

Thank you Mr Sahil_Garg1 Sir. Got the solution.Done

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