Sending Mail and verify it was sent

Hi everyone,

I am automating a process.
At the end I need to send the excel file to specific members.
I want the robot to fill in a column named “Mail sent” with Yes or Not. If not , why?
How ?

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I didn’t get you. Are you tried anything ?

Are you facing any issue here ?

HI @Youssef,

Great…! Kindly correct me if have understood your query wrongly…!

so your issue is you want to make a note in an excel with a column Mail Sent with Yes or No, once a mail is sent, LIke if mail sent, enter in excel as Yes or Not. If not, need to mention the error occured.

Kindly find the below mentioned workflow for your reference…

send mail.xaml (14.7 KB)

Hope this would help you…


Thanks a lot!
However the workflow stops if the Mail is wrong and does not insert it in the excel file!
How to fix that?

Hi @Youssef

please use attached flow.send mail.xaml (11.8 KB)

I think this should help you with the issue.



Saw the workflow, it would work,
my kind suggestion woul be its always needed to perform the action again like trying to send the mail again rather just taking the exception and noting down to excel.


Hi @Palaniyappan

If you are trying to execute same mail send activity which is used in try block inside catch then i would suggest you to not to do it in that way. because if you do so again new exception will occur inside catch which won’t take you to the finally block where you are trying to write status value.


awesome @Youssef, kindly remove the send mail activity in catch container with the sequence you have now…and Kindly let us know whether it works or not.


@Palaniyappan - Thank you for accepting the solution.