Sending Invite to new user through open Api

Hello UiPath Team,
Is there any way I can send the invite email to the new user during creating a new user account in Automation Hub using open api?

I was able to automate the AH user account creation using open api, but I have to log onto Automation Hub in order to send an invite to the new user that I just created in order to complete the user creation process - this a very tedious process when I have twenty to fifty users to create at one time.

There should be a way to automatically create a url link using api call to Automation Hub during creating the user account so that I don’t have to log onto Automation Hub every time a new user is added to Automation Hub.

For the email function, I can write my own program to send the email to the new user, but I just need to be able generate the url link through the api call in order to embed the url link in the email just like when I log onto Automation Hub.

Having the ability to generating the url link for the new user invite will eliminate the manual process during user account creation which will make the UiPath product easier to manage.

Thank you for your attention.

Looks like no solution for this request. You may close this topic now since it is useless.

This should be a feature request for the Automation Hub instead. This forum may be the location where I submit a feature request, but I don’t know where this request needs to go.

Hi @clu,

This is the place where you can submit also feature requests. We will be sure to add the improvement proposed by you in the backlog.

Currently, via the API there is no way to trigger also an e-mail to the user. But we can add that as an improvement in the backlog, as specified earlier.

To automate the bulk adding of users to Automation Hub, we can recommend the following:

  1. Have you considered using the AAD Integration or SAML? Both represent two good ways of managing a massive amount of users in a very easy way. For example, with AAD, you can just add a AAD Group to Automation Hub and associate it to a specific permission. When any user from that AAD group will receive the signup URL, they will be able to automatically gain access to the application via AAD (no other intervention is needed).

  2. For the API, one option is to:

Let me know if the above make sense.

Sorry for the delayed response.

@clu The above workaround is no longer needed, as the Upload CSV option for users is now available again in the Automation Hub interface.