Sending Google Email but the body text get "cut" / limited

Hi Team,

I have successfully sending Google Email through GSuite, but when the Recipient receive the email does not in the same view, is there missing something ??

Hi @jasonck2

Which activity did you use based on gsuite activity


Hi AshwinS2,

It is using “Send Mail Message” Activities, is there something need to set like the length etc ??


Hi @jasonck2
Could c you are printing the email address within an array right
why dont you loop the array based on for each item

Ashwin S

Hi AshwinS2,

Thanks for trying to help, just confirmed it is nothing related with UiPath.

After further checking with the Infrastructure Team, it is due to the Test Environment and Production Environment. The issue happened only when trying to send from Test Environment (ex: to Production Environment (ex: , if sending directly from Test Environment ( to Test Environment ( , it works fine.

Conclusion = Sending the email within the same environment due to different environment might have different setting / set up.

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