Sending Form Task as an Email?


I have a question about a long running process I am currently building right now. I have a section which will require some human input where I will use the create form task UiPath.Persistance activity to get the data input and move forward with the rest of the automation. I was wondering if instead of the task going to orchestrator, will I be able to send an email with the form within to the SME? Also, if not, does the SME at least get an email alert from orchestrator telling them that they have tasks waiting?

I havent used any of this yet and im not near this part of the build at the moment but I wanted to clarify this before I reached that point.

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You could do 2 more things in the workflow:

  1. Use ‘Assign Tasks’ activity to assign the task to the SME
  2. Email the link to the SME. You could get the task url from ‘taskObj.TaskUrl’, where taskObj is the out variable from ‘Create Form Task’ activity
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