Sending few hundered thousands emails

Hi Fellow members,

I am looking forward to learning from the pros here; I am exploring a way to send some personalised emails from UI path to a list of people in SQL database. Is it possible using UIpath?


Yes @Amitdeol it is possible.
You need a robust design for that.
Please show some more light… what kind of application you are going to use to send emails.
Outlook… then please use Outlook activities.
if you are using web email then use web application activities.
it’s all possible how you design steps/flow.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Thanks for the reply. I am not looking for outlook or webmail rather I want to use Rest web service to send my emails.
Something like below:

Step 1: Get connection to data base
Step 2: Get the User profiles using SQL query.
Step 3: Prepare email subject, body, signature and use data from the previous query and one HTML file saved in FTP location. Combine these.
Step 4: post this data to a rest based web service.
Step 5: Get the response from web service
Step 6: Update that response in SQL data base.


I like this approach. @aksh1yadav , @ddpadil any one please help Amit.