Sending exchange mail error

Hello all.

Im trying to send mail with attachment via exchange.

When im trying to send mails it says “Send Exchange Mail Message: The operation can’t be performed because the item is out of date. Reload the item and try again.”

Im trying to send more than 30 mails. sometimes i get this error at 4th sometimes 24th.

When i check mailbox theres emails that couldnt send as draft.

1 week ago im not getting this error. it appeared today.

for solve the problem i added delay before send mail. but it didnt worked

to mail zone “” because im testing.
I was send exchange mail without exchange scope. i added it but it didnt worked


Did we try increasing the TIMEOUTMS property in SEND EXCHANGE MAIL activity

It’s default value is 30000 milliseconds

Change it to 60000

And also keep the send exchange mail activity within TRY block of try catch activity and in catch block use System.Exception as exception type and inside that CATCH block use again the same SEND EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY with same properties

So that is that activity in try block fails it gets retries with the same activity in catch block

Hope this would help you

Cheers @seryaz

it worked. but its generated mails in draft items. i think theres bug

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Check whether IsDraft property is enabled in thar send exchange mail activity

If so disable it and give a try



its already disabled

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