Sending Emails according to excel

Hello Devs, Im working on this process and Im not sure how to work on it. So I have an email that comes in once a week and in that email is an excel that I download. After I download it im running these steps.

7.4 Sort column ‘mc 1 down last’ from A TO Z. Filter column ‘sources/modules’ and select ‘IT Risk Mgmt’ only.
7.5 Go to column ‘sub status’ and deselect ASO Followup
7.6 Sort column ‘due date’ from oldest to latest.
7.7 Check if the Estimated Mitigation Date (EMD) is less than due date
7.8 If yes, then its’ an exception and an email should be sent to John informing him about this finding.

So I have completed this but what I need help is with is this step
( 7.9 If no, then check column ‘due label’. If the risk is Past due 32+, Past due 1-31, Due in 0-31 or Due in 32-60 days, then create an email to the map owner using the template provided. Include all the columns mentioned." )
|Past due 32+|Send an email daily|
|Past due 1-31|Send an email weekly|
|Due in 0-31|Send an email bi-weekly|
|Due in 32-60|Send an email monthly|

SInce I have to send emails weekly and monthly bi weekly and daily how do I do that even when I get an update email every week regarding the same file.

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replying so I can see the follows up