Sending email to multiple tabs in excel

My objective is to send an email to the person who indicated as ‘N’ under column C for all the tabs (Sheet 1 and Sheet 2) in my excel.

The workflow I have attached would send an email to the person who indicated as ‘N’ under column C, but it sends the email twice (to (I suspect it’s because there are two tabs in the excel.

I’m not sure what makes the workflow send the email twice even though there is only one person who indicated as ‘N’ in the first tab.

Please help me rectify the problem, I have attached the workflow and excel below:
Test Email - Forum.xlsx (14.2 KB) Main - Forum.xaml (12.3 KB)

@foppishinc In below attached screenshot You should give “Item” instead of “Sheet1” so that it will read all the sheets. At present, Bot is reading the same sheet multiple times based on number of sheets present in that excel.

I changed it to “item” and got an error message.

Source: Read Range

Message: The sheet does not exist.

@foppishinc I am getting correct result after changing to “Item”. Close and open the worklfow once again if same errors occurs. Create new workflow with same code and try it once.

Does this work for you? I have created a new workflow with the same code but the same error persists.
Test Email Forum (2).xlsx (14.2 KB) Main Forum (2).xaml (11.4 KB)


Item is a variable, you have to insert variables without double quotes.


Thank you, it works now!

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