Sending Email for date exactly 29 and 30 days ago


I have an excel file with rows and each one has an orientation date. I have an If statement to send an email to all rows with a date of exactly 29 or 30 days ago. Currently, my condition is sending for those days but also all days prior as well (like 31, 32, 33, etc days ago). Any suggestions?

Hi, you can use like this in if activity

  1. or condition
    (condtion1) or (condition2)
    (29 or 30)
  2. and condition
    (condtion1) and (condition2)
    (29 and 30)
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This is because as per your boolean condition any date that falls under the 29 days before will return true.

Please update your boolean condition to match the condition.

yourDate <= Now.AddDays(-29) AND yourDate >= Now.AddDays(-30)

This will send email if orientation date is 29 or 30 days ago.

Karthik Byggari

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if you want to sent exactly for 29 or 30 then use β€˜=’ condition with an β€˜or’ in between.