Send the robot to a server

How do I get the robot into the orchestrator to make it work on a web server?
How do I get the virtual machine from that server?


  1. Set up an Orchestrator instance: Install and configure UiPath Orchestrator on a server that is accessible over the network. This will serve as the central management platform for your robots.
  2. Configure the Robot: Install UiPath Robot on the virtual machine or the server where you want to execute the processes. During the installation, you’ll be prompted to provide the Orchestrator URL and the machine key to connect the Robot to Orchestrator.
  3. Provision the Robot in Orchestrator: In Orchestrator, go to the Machines page and add a new machine by providing the necessary details such as name and description. You’ll also need to provide the machine key, which can be found in the Robot settings on the machine where you installed UiPath Robot.
  4. Create an Environment: In Orchestrator, create an environment that includes the machine(s) on which you want to execute the processes. You can group multiple machines into an environment to logically organize your infrastructure.


You have to create a robot and assign robot role

Then create a machine and assign unattended license to it and use the machine details to connect your robot from server machine to orchestrator

For detailed steps pelase check this,with%20the%20same%20physical%20setup.