Send the datas from the excel files in a folder

I have several excel sheet in a folder and i want to extract the specific datas from the excel sheet contains date 23-05-2022 and paste that data and write it into the another excel sheet i will specified the folder and excel sheets givenbelow
Download excel (3.4 KB)
this file contains several excel sheet i want to extract datas corresponding to 23-05-2022 and write it into the
Yahoo finance excel.xlsx (9.6 KB)
this excel pls help to get the solution i am new to the uipath

use filter datatable and you can merge to another table and write

Hello @alan_prakash ,

If you want to specifically filter a datatbale either you can use Select method or you can use the Filter Datatable activity.

In the activity you need to provide the value and the column name to filter.

1 Like (13.8 KB)
use this flow its working fine


it seems fine why you use the index in if

we have to merge the results so whenever first run shouldn’t merge from second only have to merge
thats why using index of for each

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