Send string onto a screen

Hi All,

I want to send a specified string to a screen at the cursor position without using Type Into.
Couldnt find any activity for this.Tried SendHotkey activity with string but got error.

Thank you.

Hi @AditiGandhi,
It is possible for you to elaborate your scenario.
To send a text at the cursor position you can use “ToolTip” activity but i am not sure until i completely understood your requirement.

Hi @AditiGandhi

As for some specified string which is hard to coding in source,
maybe you can type it into a text file beforehand,
and use Read Text File get the specified string and set to clipboard,
then you may implement what you want by Ctrl+v.
Or directly Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v by Send Hotkey.

I want to send the username and password to the mainframe. I have not connected it using the terminal activities. I have used OpenApplication to work on it. But while logging in I want to pass the data wherever the cursor is present.

Hey @AditiGandhi

So why don’t you use the terminal activities to do this? wouldn’t it be easier?

Hi, @Lahiru.Fernando ,
Actually I am facing isues with the Address and port no to connect with Mainframe.