Send SMTP - Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to connect

Hi, has anyone come across this and how did you fix it?

I have assigned a Try-Catch where the catch would capture the exception message with a screenshot and email them to me. However, while testing I noticed on the Orchestrator log that all the processes were completed except emailing me. Happened several times. The error message on the Orchestrator log says

XXXX - Timed out while waiting for Mail Service to connect

I need to be notified of faults when they happen on unattended bots so I can troubleshoot right away. I have already increased the TimeoutMS to 60000 and have restarted the server. I’m using Send SMTP Mail Message and using Get asset for SMTP details.

How do I solve this?


Hello @j8zel ,

Found a similar post with issue. Please check and update.

Thanks Rahul. I found I had the security set to Auto when it should be None. Cheers.

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