Send SMTP Mail Message- Capture Screenshot

Hi Team,

As per the Business requirement we need to send an email to a specific group ID and business also needs a copy or screenshot to be stored in Shared Drive for there furture Audits.

Right now I am using Send SMTP Mail Message Activity, is there any way to save that a PDF or a Screenshot as reference.

We have done the feasibility using O365 with EML format we were able to achieve the task and now due to some issue we had to get back to normal emailing technique.

Any suggestion will be helpful.


Hi @harshavardhan3457,

What exactly do you want to screenshot? A screenshot of the email you sent? Can you share an image?


Yes I need a screenshot of the sent EMAIL, without opening Outlook.

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The requirement what your asking its not possible via background @harshavardhan3457

if u want that screenshot definetly it shuld be on the screen

since smtp works completely in backend ( sceenshot of sent mail is not possible)