Dear All,

i am using send outlook activity for sending the mail in my automation but it did’t work as expected out of 10 only 2/3 mails are getting send rest is getting dropped somewhere.

currently i am using Microsoft office 2013 and outlook 2013.

does anyone have faced such issue in project ? kindly help


Are you getting any specific error ? If yes , please post the error.

Meanwhile , check the below setting in outlook

File > Options > Trusted Center > Trust Center Settings > Programmatic access >

Check whether warn me check box is enabled. This restricts other programs to send/read email.

Have you confirmed that it is just a bounced back mail due to invalid email address?

No there no specific error and programmatic access is selected as allow.

no there is no bounce back only thing is i got warning message in windows event log on every instance when mail was not send. which state that Microsoft office 365 failed to authenticate.

Got exactly the same issue when using the send outlook activity. In my case it has nothing to do with invalid email addresses. The email addresses are stored in an asset . Sometimes all messages are received, sometimes only half the amount of messages. Is there already a solution for this? Thanks!

To Resolve this i have done below activities

  • Re-installed my Office suit.
  • updated the email activities