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I have a requirement: where I have an exception report which does not have email addresses. I have created email file. Now for each user in the exception report I have to read the email file and send emails with custom text, cc managers and bcc VP. How do I complete?
I have enclosed so far what I have done. I am new to UI path. Any help is appreciated.

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I have a requirement: where I have an exception report which does not have email addresses

While your report contains an email address, I assume that two more are missing (i.e. the manager and VP’s addresses). This can either by done by including them in the document, or by working with two different Data Tables in UiPath. Imagine the following - one Data Table holds your users and their email addresses, the other one the exceptions.

First, read your sheets using the Read Range activity. Then loop over each row from the exception Data Table using the For Each Row activity.

Store the Manager’s and VP’s name, and retrieve their email addresses by using a Lookup Data Table activity. Then, send the message.

If you’re still stuck after trying this, let us know.

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I will try. Thanks for your response.

I have cleaned up the files. Looks simple. I appended the emails to the original exception report and looked for users with 0 hors submitted: row.Item(9).ToString()=“0”. I tried and not getting it. Could any one help with For loop and lookup part? I am not getting the lookup table for emails.
Thanks in advance.GroupEmails.xlsx (10.7 KB)
Copy of TM-01 Timesheets Exception Report.xlsx (22.4 KB)
Main2.xaml (13.3 KB)

Thanks all for your feedback. I am still in need of help regarding lookup email part. Looking up emails of the users, managers and Vp’s. Could someone help?