Send Outlook mail with rich text and attachments

Hello everyone,

I searched for a solution for this issue but didn’t find anything.
I am trying to develop a robot that sends a well structured Outlook mail with attachments. I need it to be in Rich Text Format so that the attachment can be accessible from the body of the mail.
Though, as far as I know, the Send Outlook Message activity doesn’t allow you to chose the text format in the outlook mail, as well as the positions of attachments.
Here’s how I want the mail to be:

Does anyone know if this can be done without hard automating it with Clicks and Type intos and stuff?

Hi @barrak_mahmoud

I don’t think it is an option. The activity Send Outlook Mail Message seems to only support the body of the email written either in plain text or HTML.

Apart from asking the developers to include the functionality in the new version or writing your own custom activity, I don’t see another option.
Maybe there are community activities that cover this functionality.

Thank you for your answer. I did it with the clicks and type intos. Even with that I encountered a bug with the simulate type on the Outlook mail body. As it just skips the type and continues automating.
I’ll keep looking for answers, i’ll let you know if I get any.

Good to hear that you partially made it work.

As to the issue of typing, look into the proper selectors and try to isolate one combination that will work. I have just spent quite some time trying to find a specific combination of selectors for one field on the website and it eventually worked out well.

You can always play around with the different typing options, like SendWindowsMessages

Actually, it’s not a selector problem. The selector works fine with the Default and WindowsMessage methods. it just doesn’t work with the simulate type. Thus, My automation is kind of slow because There’s a lot of text to type. I searched for this issue on the forums. Looks like a lot of people have the same issue. Simulate type just doesn’t work in some cases and nobody seems to know why.