Send Outlook mail with complex body format


I need to insert a complex body mail on a “Send Outlook” activity.

The mail is:

The images under the text have hyperlinks so the employees can click on it to be redirected yo our tools.

I’ve tried converting the mail boy in HTML in and after, I passed the HTML text inside Notepad++ to join lines, replace all the double quote symbols by 2 double quote symbols and add a double quote symbol at the start and the end of the text. But, when I insert it in UiPath I have the error “Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression…”


Can you show the in your code where the error is and what it looks like?

Essentially, you will want to store your html text to a string variable or argument. Then, place that variable as the Body. And, just make sure you have the “IsHTML” property checked true.

If you show an image of your activity or of the error, we can help identify the problem easier, too.

Oh! I suppose this is what I’ve done wrong!! I was inserting the text on the body field instead of storing it on a variable and then using the variable. I will try to do like this and feedback.

I also attach the screenshoot in meanwhile:

Yeah, you might still get a compiler error if you have any double quotes floating in the wrong place, cause they will need to be embeded correctly.

I have the same issue when I insert the text on the variable with an Assign activity. ¿Is there a maximum length for string or something similar?
The HTML text is longer than 60000 characters :worried:

I’ve replaced in Notepad++ I supose the replacement has been done correctly :thinking:
I can’t publish here my HTML text because it indicates that this is too long. :pensive:

If you don’t mind sending me your string here or in private, I can check it on my end.

Send as a .txt file

I’m trying to add my text on the string variable little by little, at first it’s ok, but there is a moment it’s no more ok. I’m triyng to see where it breaks. Maybe the length?

Your string appears to be right but looks like there is a character limit, which is news to me, lol.

Looks like you will need to change how you are using the image source, which takes up all those random characters. Or, store it in different variables, then concatenate it together.

I feel like there is a better way to do your image source though.

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I’ve inserted it in two string variables and inserted both on the mail body field, it worked more or les!! :blush: :clap:

But I can’t see the images, any idea why it could be? :sweat_smile:

I have done this before but I don’t have any samples to give you, but you can try looking through the forums. Here is one solution that uses content ID to embed the image: How to add the images in SMTP mail body - #6 by Suchi3190

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Thanks!! I will check it!! Thank you very much for the help solving the issue with my HTML body!!! :blush: :blush:

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