Send outlook mail message with image

I use a get outlook mail message to get a mail .The body contains several picture.
Then use send outlook mail message to forward this mail.
I fill the body parameter with mail.from.tostring+mail.subject(“HTMLbody”).
And check the IsHtmlBody button.
When I receive the mail. It was only contains the mail.from.tostring.It won’t display the picture.
What should I do?

what is the version of outlook that you are using. maybe this can help you out.

I used the Microsoft outlook 2013 Can I use the send STMP to send mail?

try thissc (1).xaml (4.9 KB)

test.xaml (9.9 KB)
This is my request. Could you please help me?

this is the workflow that i am using to forward emails … maybe this can help you out.

Main.xaml (7.3 KB)

so did this work ?

It really contains the image.
but the image was send as an attachments(The image was in main body before).
And it lack the style , like Background color

and I both check and uncheck the IsHtmlBody

i am sorry that it didn’t work for you, let me try checking and update you soon.

Looking forword to your reply

CheckDuplicateActivityName.xaml (15.2 KB)

Hi @VirajN
Any idea for this question?

Oh, I completely lost track of this thread. Let me explore this today.